Sprains and Strains Management – Manual Handling – Back Injury Prevention

“Prevention is better than Cure”

Functional Strength with 2014 Commonwealth Games Gold medalist and 3 x Olympian Richie Patterson present to you an interactive learning experience to reduce  WORKPLACE SPRAINS & STRAINS and BACK INJURY.

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“Back injuries impact quality of life”



Richie delivers a unique “SPRAINS & STRAINS MANAGEMENT” presentation with a style that will connect to your workforce, passing on the knowledge and confidence to approach and implement safe successful lifts and learn techniques to prepare the body and recover from manual handling and labour on a daily basis.

Relating personal experiences as an elite athlete, coach and educator to the relevance of correct lifting methods, communication lines and recovery techniques in the workplace.

Email: fshq@functionalstrength.co.nz for course enquiries

Phone: 0211815315

(Options of delivery, Onsite or at Functional Strength HQ, Rosedale, North Shore Auckland, contact for more information)

“Invest in the ongoing health of your workforce”

Course Structure

The 3.5 hour course

Learning outcomes: Back Care website

–      Structure and function of the spine

–      Understanding of Intervertebral discs and vertebral structures

–      Posture and curvature of the Spine

–      Manual Handling and your environment

–      Warm up for work

–      Recovery methods to help recover form your work day

–      Mobility techniques to prevent back injury


FREE Icebreaker delivery to your management team and key stakeholders to meet and greet Richie and discuss initiatives

+ 3 ½ hour pilot session: Experience why leading New Zealand businesses are getting onboard with the “Sprains & Strains” management program.

*Conditions apply

Email: fshq@functionalstrength.co.nz for course enquiries
Phone: 0211815315

*Costs for travel, accommodation may apply for delivery of icebreakers outside the greater Auckland area.


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